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PartnerTap is the leading ecosystem data sharing and collaboration platform for the enterprise. 

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Automate account mapping. Auto-connect partners and sellers. Automate pipeline sharing. Start co-selling at scale. PartnerTap is the leading ecosystem data sharing and collaboration platform for the enterprise. Their solution identifies new sales opportunities and helps both channel and sales teams drive more revenue with and through partners.


Automate Account Mapping

Instantly map millions of accounts to identify your mutual overlap and new logo deals with each partner. Unlimited accounts. Unlimited partners. Connect directly with your CRM for real-time mapping.

Upload partner spreadsheets

Easily upload all those account lists partners send you and instantly map them against your entire CRM database to identify ALL the new logo accounts, growth opportunities, and greenfield accounts with each partner.

Real-time Pipeline Sharing

Share deals with trusted partners and track partner pipeline as it moves through the sales cycle.

Channel Teams product

Source, share and track opportunities with your partners. Get the data you need to operationalize and scale-up revenue generating plays across your ecosystem.

Sales Teams product

Accelerate sales with the best partner(s) on each account and opportunity with real-time data and built-in co-selling functionality.

Enterprise Sharing Controls

Decide which types of accounts and information you want to share with each partner. Maintain full control over your sharing on a partner-by-partner basis.

100% Native Integrations

Connect, share, and see data from partners regardless of which CRM they use. Use SSO to log in to PartnerTap with your Salesforce, Dynamics or HubSpot username. No third-party tools required.




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